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APT1022 Green Pet Care De-sensitive/Puppy Shampoo

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Soak Up the Nature with APT. 1022 Green Pet Care!|

Dual effect in a single bath
First effect: Cleanse, Soothe, Moisturize
> 100% Ecocert Certified Cleansing Agents
Rich lather that thoroughly cleanses pores, refreshes skin, and nourishes coat

Second effect: Restoration and Repair
>100% Natural Herbs and Floral Essence
Targeted restoration and strengthening of different troubled skin and coat conditions

Tears & Fragrance Free. Gentlest Care!
Lutein and Vitamin A in Marigold flower effectively relieve and calm irritated and sensitive skin. The formula offers deep nourishment to restores and strengthens skin’s natural balance.

Amino acid based cleanser + Marigold extract + Linseed extract + Persimmon extract + Allantoin + Criste marine

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