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APT1022 Green Pet Care Whitening Shampoo

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Soak Up the Nature with APT. 1022 Green Pet Care!

Dual effect in a single bath
First effect: Cleanse, Soothe, Moisturize
> 100% Ecocert Certified Cleansing Agents
Rich lather that thoroughly cleanses pores, refreshes skin, and nourishes coat

Second effect: Restoration and Repair
>100% Natural Herbs and Floral Essence
Targeted restoration and strengthening of different troubled skin and coat conditions

Brilliant Fairness. White Radiance!
Two-steps to a pearly white coat: 
(i) Deep cleansing molecules thoroughly remove grease and dirt 
(ii) Ceramide stimulates hair moisture retaining capacity, 
repair damaged hair while penetrating deep into the cuticles for bright luminous white coat that are silky smooth

Deep cleansing complex + Ceramide + Linseed extract + Persimmon extract + Allantoin + Criste Marine

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