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Accurate Oregano Natural Shampoo
Accurate Oregano Natural Shampoo 500ml

Accurate Oregano Natural Shampoo

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Antibacterial and anti-fungal with hypoallergenic properties with effective cleaning.
Part Number: AC101, AC102
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Accurate™ Natural Oregano Shampoo has nutriceutical formulation which is extremely safe and effective for use as antibacterial and anti-fungal cleaning agent. Its main ingredient, CARVACROL, offers effective protection against dangerous drug-resistant bacteria, as well as providing impressive antiparasitic action.

Infused with lanolin, a moisture rich emollient, Accurate™ Natural Oregano leaves your pet’s fur clean and manageable when used regularly.
- Anti-fungal/Anti-Bacterial Action
- Prevent Ring Worms
- Heals Schnauzers Bum and Ease Mites
- Reduce Skin Itchiness
- Prevent flaking Seborrheic Dermatitis
- Promotes healthy skin & coat
- Low toxicity and is safe for animals and humans
- Non-staining and eco-friendly

Suitability: It is suitable for use on Dogs, Cats and Small Animals. 
It is also safe for use on Puppies, Kittens, Pregnant and Nursing Bitches.

Active Herbal Ingredient: Oregano Oil

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