Addiction is a unique pet food brand meant to appeal to your dog's true instincts and provide a delicious, nutritious diet based on wild game and tasty fruits and vegetables! All ingredients in Addiction are specifically chosen for the benefits they can offer to your dog's health, including digestive health, skin and coat, weight maintenance, and more. Doggyfriend is proud to offer this fantastic dog food.

Addiction has a couple of unique recipes, using meat from the wild kangaroo and the New Zealand brushtail. Wild kangaroo is a great source of meat for dogs, providing essential proteins and amino acids for muscle building and overall health. Brushtails also provide great meat with a high concentration of Omega 3 fatty acids, and are an invasive species in New Zealand where they destroy parts of the environment that native species need to thrive. Removing brushtails from New Zealand is helpful for the ecosystem, and also means your dog can have a delicious meal!

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Addiction Canned Dog Food, King Salmon & Potato
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Addiction Canned Dog Food, NZ Brushtail & Vegetables Entree - Grain Free
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