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Aixia Kuro-can mini - Tuna & Skipjack

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One of the best-selling brand in Japan & Asia, Kuro-can contains all the goodness of dark muscle meat of tuna & skipjacks with white tuna meat topping. Full of vitamins & minerals like DHA & taurine, it is especially rich in bioavailable iron, helping cats prevent anemia. Kuro-can is a complete diet for your felines.

Aixia is derived from ‘ai’, the Japanese word for ‘love’, and ‘xia’ from ‘shiawase’, which translates to 
the word ‘happiness’.

Together, means To Love is Happiness. Close attention 
is paid to the ingredients of our products,ensuring the happiness of both humans and the household animals that they love.

Fish (Tuna, Skipjack tuna), Lactosucrose, Minerals, Vitamins

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