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Amigard Flea & Tick Spot on for Cat
Amigard Flea & Tick Spot on for Cat

Amigard Flea & Tick Spot on for Cat

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The soft power of Nature harnessed in an advanced formula.
Amigard Spot-on, a new line of natural antiparasite products for companion animals, developed by an innovative Swiss company, specialized in the field of natural biocides.
Amigard Spot-on Features
• for dogs and cats
• protects from fleas and ticks up to 4 weeks
• completely natural active ingredients
• composition: neem tree extract and decanoic acid from coconut oil
• new slow release formula
• pleasant smell
• waterproof, resistant to rain or short bathing
• completely safe for kids in contact with treated pets
• safe for your pet, well tolerated
• easy application
• registered as biocide in Germany, fully compliant to EU-Biocide regulation www.amigard.com
Application: Application od Amigard Spot-on is very easy. Put the whole substance drop by drop, along your pet's spine - approx. every 3 cm from tail to neck. Part your pet's hair and apply directly on the skin. Do not apply to the fur! Do not rub the liquid! Repeat Amigard Spot-on application every 4 weeks.
Keep away from muzzle and eyes. After application wash your hands.
Safety Advice: Keep away from children. Do not apply to open wounds or skin lesions. If the products comes into contact with eyes, flush immediately with plenty of water. Use biocides safely. Always read the designation and product information provided.

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