1. Animal Instinct Saturday

Animal Instinct Saturday

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Charity event
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Singapore based Fashion E-tailers Inverted Edge x theWYLDshop.com have joined forces for the month of July opening up their showroom to customers. 

Both companies are deeply passionate about the wellness and kindness to animals and they are holding an event this Saturday with the support of the SPCA and Animal Lovers League who will be bringing 3 beautiful pups that will be up for adoption. 

 This Saturday 19th July, Animal Instinct Saturday is an event open to all avid animal and fashion lovers where owners can bring down their pets for a photo shoot, support local animal organisations, SPCA & the Animal Lovers League who rely heavily on donations. 

Shoppers will enjoy a discount on all animal print pieces at the showroom, and 5% of all sales made on the day will be donated to the organisations. 

 Below is the link to the Official Event Page where you will find details about the day!


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