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Basic Instinct Spare Ribs
Spare Ribs

Basic Instinct Spare Ribs

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*New Improve formula.
*Made by people who genuinely care and are pets owner.
*Great Taste.
*Pets All Time Favourite.
*Pets Treats As Nature Intended.
*Made In New Zealand.

HERE IT IS! Succulent spare ribs that your dogs will love you for! Now they can enjoy an easily digestible, chewy, meaty spare rib. Its create a dental floss action. Regular chewing also helps to remove plaque and tartar buildup.

No Preservatives,Additives, Colors or Flavoring.

· No preservatives, no flavouring, no colouring, no additives of any kind.
· Low fat, low carbohydrate, high energy and high in protein.
· Dried to be shelf stable in our special process which retains its natural nutritional values.
· Regular chewing of these treats will naturally help reduce and remove plaque and maintains healthy gums and teeth.

· High in protein.
· Real Meat.
· A joy to give.
· Keep your dog happy for hours.

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