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Bio-X DBug

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1. Repels and exterminates fleas,ticks and mites
2. Safe to cuddle pets immediately after treatment
3. Disinfects wounds on your pets
4. Removes bad odours from your pets Ideal for spraying directly on mattresses, bedding, furniture, carpets, flooring, shelves, cracks and crevices behind walls, cabinets etc. Product is safe for mammals and birds and non-staining and is also non-flammable

Ingredients: Bio-X™ Lullaby is a safe and effective formulation to eliminate targeted pests. It leaves no oily deposits thus will not staiin fabrics and wallpaper.
This water based formula has a natural lemon fragrance.
It’s That Safe WHO Pesticides Evaluation Scheme (Approval Code: WHOPES/97.24.1) classified active Etofenprox under Table 5 – unlikely to present acute hazard in normal use.”

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