Bow Wow Banana Jerky BW1080
Bow Wow Banana Jerky BW 1080

Bow Wow Banana Jerky BW1080

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This produt is prepare from fresh banana .

This product have include minerals such as potacium , dietry fiber.

This is great diet food for pet

Addition composite amino acids medicine for Improvement of the function of the liver.

Banana , Banana Resin , Corn Starch , Wheat Flour , Vitamin & Minerals

Feeding Effect
Reduction of the rate of LDL in blood serum or prevention from fatness.
Available for use of training, snack and education of manner without Anxiety.
No burden to Heart, the kidneys because of low salt.
Essential nutritious snack surely necessary for growing young pets or Mother animals having lack of appetite after childbirth.
The maximum restraint from the smell of feces.
Prolongation of pet's span of life with improvement of the liver function.

Feeding Guide
Owing to the superior in the nature of taste, you should feed with proper quantity according to the degree of exercise as weight age with the reference of the mark below.
Ultra small sized dog: 20g, Small sized dog: 30g, Large sized dog: 100g

Do not feed except pets because of snack used for pets.
White ingredient or black spots can be appeared on the surface of a product Occasionally, but that are an ingredient of meat, so that can be fed without Fear.
You should keep avoiding humidity or direct ray of light, and keep in a dry And cold place.

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