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Bow Wow Carrot Cheese Ball Dog Treat
Bow Wow Carrot Cheese Ball Dog Treat

Bow Wow Carrot Cheese Ball Dog Treat

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Healthy soft type premium pet snack made of cheese and carrot only with added vitamins and minerals.
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Carrot Cheese Ball
*The great snack for dog and cat!
*The cheese have very richful for benefit bacteria such as "lactobacillus"so,protect health of internal organ.
*Also,richful calcium and vitamine B1.
*The carrot have richful vitamin A for eye.

*Cheese,Carrot,Corn Starch,Vitamin & Mineral.

*The cheese is include benefitable bacteria example lacto basillous,so clean the internal organ .
*Improved liveral function,string,out dog's life.
*The special flavor of cheese is promote to taste.
*Use the natural cheese(high protein materials),don't worry about over weight.
*Low salted recipe provide good function and kidney of dogs.


*Owning to the superior in the nature of taste,you should feed with proper quantity according to the degree of excercise as weight age with the reference of the mark below.
*Ultra small dog:20g,small sized dog:30g,Large sized dog:100g.


*Do not feed except pets bacause of snack used for pets.
*White ingredient or black spots can be appeared on the surface of the product occasionally , but 
that are an ingredient of meat,so that can be fed without fear.
*You should keep avoiding humidity or direct ray of light,and keep in a dry and cold place.
*Product changed in quality can be exchange in the main office immediately.


Crude protein min 8.3%
Crude fat min 3.0%
Calcium min 0.03%
P max 0.2%
Crude fiber max 2.0%
Ash max 3.0%

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