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Bow Wow Cat Tuna Jerky

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*BowWow "Tuna Jerky" is processed by low temperature drying method, so taste,flavor and nutritional value is good.
*Tuna that is called "sea chicken" is a healthy and beauty food that it is abundant unsaturated fatty acids,such as omega-3,and omega-6 fatty acids.
*Tuna is complete food to enhance liver function,anemia prevention and anti aging efficacy.
*BowWow "Tuna Jerky" is a pure natural foods that do not contain preservatives or artificial color.
*It is hygienic ans safe products that sterilize pathogenic bacteria (E.coil,Salmonella,ect.) and fungus.

Weight of cat (kg) (0-2kg) (2-4kg) (4-6kg) (6-8kg) (8-10kg).
Daily Feeding (g) (-18g) (18-27g) (27-35g) (35-43g) (43-52g).
*BowWow food can be fed to your dog as treat with a feeding guide,as individual dog's requirements depend on many factors such as breeds,size,age and life style.
*Always provide enough freash water for your pets.

*Don't feed to other animals.
*keep this food in a cool and dry place.Remaining feed must be kept in the refrigertor.
*In case of quality changed,it will be exchanged in the main office or retail store immediately

*Tuna 95% up.
*Crude protein min 30.0%
*Crude fat min 0.7%
*Calcium(Ca) min 0.03%
*Phosphorus(P) max 2.0%
*Crude ash max 6.0%
*Crude fiber max 3.0%

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