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Bridge.Dog Bear Dish

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Premium clay & high grade glaze dish bowl for pets. Handmade in KOREA.
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Bridge.Dog Limited Edition Pet Bear Dish

Pre-Launch Sale at 20%!

Pastel Pink
Pastel Blue
Pastel Green

Also Available in:

Exterior (estimated): 
20cm x 14.5cm x 2.5cm

Holding area (estimated):
17.5cmx 13cm

Bridge.dog’s all items are designed and produced in Korea. 

It’s purely KOREA high-quality handcrafted product. 

Bridge.dog dishes are made with premium clay and high-grade glaze. 

It's baked at 1250 degree thus it’s firm and strong. 

There are no harmful ingredients used in the making. (Tested by Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering & Technology) 

Due to the material used, it'll not be sticky by the furkid’s saliva and slime easily, as Bridge dog dishes absorbs water readily.

Great for wet / canned food or for light snacks too! 

It’s hygienic and easy to maintain. 
  • Use plain water and wash if it's contaminated by the newspaper or coloured papers 
  • Use a soft sponge and gently wash it. 
  • Do not use sharp abrasive cleaning products such as steel wool pads, to prevent scratches 
  • Safe for microwave, oven, and dishwasher. No grill please!
  • To store, please do not wrap with Newspaper! 
It's so cute & instagrammable, we won't tell anyone if you get it for yourself instead! =p

Special Deal!

Get a Cattyman / Doggyman Table with the bear plate & enjoy special discounts!

Available in 3 sizes:
Woody Dining Cat $33.80 (Usual)
Size of the holding area: 14cm x 28cm
Adjustable in 2 heights of 4cm or 6cm
Size of the whole table (longest / tallest point): 35cm x 13cm x 18cm

Woody Dining Table Small $32 (Usual)
Size of the holding area: 14cm x 28cm
Adjustable in 3 heights of 7cm, 10cm or 13cm.
Size of the whole table (longest / tallest point): 35cm x 18cm x 18cm

Woody Dining Table Medium $42 (Usual)
Size of the holding area: 18cm x 36cm
Adjustable in 4 different heights of 8cm, 11cm, 14cm or 17cm
Size of the whole table (longest / tallest point): 43cm x 22cm x 23cm


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