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Burgess Excel Carrot and Beetroot Snacks

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Excel Carrot and Beetroot Snacks are a delicious mix of 100% natural air dried fruit, vegetables and hay. 

Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas, the treats are a delicious complementary snack. 
Excel snacks should be fed in small amounts occasionally as part of the Excel feeding plan.
Try scattering treats amongst hay to promote the natural foraging behaviour of your fibrevore. 
This helps prevent boredom which can lead to unwanted behaviour.

Beetroot Cubes (30%)
Carrot Slices (25%)
Alfalfa Stalks (20%)
Hay (20%)
Marigold (5%)

Nutritional Analysis: 
Protein (10.8%)
Fat (1.7%)
Fibre (16.3%)
Ash (6.4%)
Water (12%)

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