Cat Food

Cats have a well-deserved reputation for being picky. They know exactly what they want, and when they want it! Choosing the right cat food can be a difficult task, especially because yesterday's favorite flavor may be rejected today— and a favorite again tomorrow! Some cats also have specific dietary needs, whether to address health problems, sensitive digestion, allergies, and more. You and Kitty are in luck: Doggyfriend stocks tons of great cat food.

We stock the best cat food brands from around the world. Whether your feline friend needs hairball control, skin and coat improvement, weight control, or any other requirements, we have the right cat food available. We carry food for kittens, adult cats, and senior cats. All the cat food we sell offers a well-balanced, nutritionally-complete diet sure to keep your little kitty friend happy and healthy. Now that's something to purr about!

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