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Cat-Man-Doo Sprinkles
Chicken Sprinkles

Cat-Man-Doo Sprinkles

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Sprinkles by Cat-Man-Doo

Available in:

2.5oz  (Bonito)
2oz (Chicken)

RRP $12.50

Cat-Man-Doo Sprinkles* are available in two flavors; Bonito and Chicken. These treats are already crushed and ready to sprinkle over any food. They are packaged in a clear shaker to provide a convenient means of application.

Prescription diets can be bland and unappetizing to a cat or dog who may have little appetite to begin with. However, without these prescription diets, a pet with poor health may not live as long. Veterinarians recommend adding Sprinkles to a cat or dog’s diet in order to revive the appetite and spark an interest in eating. We have been providing Cat-Man-Doo Bonito Sprinkles to Veterinarians for years, now it is available to you.

Cat-Man-Doo Bonito Sprinkles are made of the same wholesome products as our original Bonito Flakes… just fish!

Life Essentials Chicken Sprinkles are made up of crushed freeze dried chicken; the same chicken product that makes up our Life Essentials Chicken treat.

*As always, please consult your Veterinarian prior to adding anything to your pet’s prescription diet.

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