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Catit Drinking Fountain 50050
Catit Drinking Fountain 50050

Catit Drinking Fountain 50050

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Like humans, pets require water as a vital element for survival. Water constitutes approximately 70% of a cat's or dog's body. Encouraging your pets to drink more water helps promote their health and well-being.

The Catit® Drinking Fountain responds to your pet's need for a continuous supply of water. Re-circulating water with greater exposure to oxygen provides fresh-tasting, cool, filtered water for pets with a multitude of health benefits.

Encouraging cats to drink more water helps ensure proper kidney function and may descrease the incidence of crystal formation and urinary disease (FUS).

· Re-circulating flow
- Eliminates stagnant water
· Large surface area adds more oxygen (O2)
to water
- Beneficial to pet’s health
· Purifying filter
- Cleans water
· Greater water capacity (100 fl oz / 3 L)
- No more daily refilling
· Whisper quiet

Re-circulating Flow Large Surface Area Adds
Oxygen (O2) to Water
Cool running water — more inviting to pets

Eliminates stagnant water
Adds oxygen for fresher, tastier water

Beneficial to pet’s health

Low Energy Consumption Protective Plastic Guard Detachable AC

Consumes less than 4 Watts
Prevents cord contact with water

Protects cord from pet chewing
Safe, low-voltage system (12 V)

Purifying Filter (Replaceable) Greater Water Capacity
Collects debris, food, hair and sediment

Helps reduce bad tastes, odours and absorbs other impurities present in tap water
Provides continuous fresh water for your pet

No more daily refilling

Multi-Surface Drinking Areas
Pet may drink from bowl or directly from the dome

Also suitable for puppies and small dogs

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