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Catit Smartsift Base Liner

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Pee Tray
Part Number: 50540
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L40 x W25 X H22cm 

Specially designed for Catit Design SmartSift, these biodegradable replacement liners make managing your cat's litter very convenient.

Easy to install, the liners are designed to fit perfectly in the waste bin.

They are very effective at preventing waste clumps from sticking to the waste bin's surface, making cleanups so much easier.

When the liner is full, simply remove and discard it. The liners are eco-friendly and will degrade in an organic or regular landfill. They can hold up to 2 weeks worth of waste.

Key Features :

>Biodegradable replacement liners.
>Specially designed for Catit SmartSift cat pan waste bins.
>For easy and convenient waste management.
>Prevents waste clumps from sticking to the waste bin.
>Durable liner can hold 2-week waste load.
>Biodegradable liner degrades naturally in landfills.
>12 liners per pack.

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