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Chitocure Reviving Mist Pet Spray

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320 ml

Prevent Matting and Detangling This specially formulated mist is designed to create a protective layer over your pet’s fur. The protective coat moisturizes the skin, helps fur retain moisture keeping it healthy and shiny, controls odors and prevents tangling and matting. This natural born agent Chitocure pet spray is specially formulated with an electrolysing effect which helps prevent matting and tangling. It softens the skin and aids in the relief of dandruff, dermatitis, itching and dry skin. Regular use will also prevent bacterial and fungal growth, controls pet body odors.

D.I. WATER, Chitosan, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Glycerine, Perfume

Directions for use:
1. Use in between baths or after baths.
2. Spray evenly over your pet. Work it in to fur and allow to dry.

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