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[Clearance Sale] Cat Potty
Cat Potty

[Clearance Sale] Cat Potty

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Pee Tray
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  • The litter box your cat prefers!
  • Take advantage of these convenient features!
  • A completely new design with proven results
  • Most cats tested were successful
  • Easy-wash plastic
  • Non-slip rubber protects floors from scratches.
  • Item Size: 31 x 42.5 x 22.5H(cm)
  • With Scoop

    Double-layered structure prevents litter spillage
    Small openings catch litter from paws so that the seat stays clean
    Raised wall helps contain litter in the pan

    Sanitary. Keeps your cat from making contact with litter

    Ergonomically designed. Provides your cat with a comfortable seating position

    Easy to open or close. The seat can be easily opened and closed for convenient replacement of the litter

    Includes storage pocket. Recessed area provides handy storage for scoops and plastic bags


    Q: How much litter should I put in?
    A: The lines indicate 4, 5 and 6 cm levels for litter. The necessary depth depends on litter type, so please refer to your cat litter instruction. The Cat Potty works well with most types.

    Q: Does the Cat Potty really reduce litter mess?
    A: The potty seat definitely guards against litter being scattered by your cat. However, your cat may still get a little litter stuck in his / her paws if he / she digs.

    Q: My cat does her business backwards...
    A: Make sure the rear of the Cat Potty is against the wall to encourage your cat to sit in the proper position. Even if he / she does sit backwards - no problem! The Cat Potty is designed so it will still catch the droppings.

    Q: Isn't the Cat Potty unsuitable for the owner of multiple cats?
    A: Basically, one Cat Potty is required for each cat. It's well-known that cats are quite territorial, so this applies to toilets as well. If there is only one Cat Potty being shared, the cats (especially less dominant ones) will feel a lot of stress.

    Q: When using clumping litter, doesn't it get clogged in the seat holes?
    A: The seat is designed not to clog. Also each seat hold is easily washed because the size is big enough for fingers.

    Q: Does the Cat Potty work for big, heavy cats?
    A: For cats up to 10kg, there's no need to worry! But, as with any type of cat toilet, elderly or sick cats may experience difficulty using it.

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