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Daily Delight Canned Luscious Beef and Veggy
Daily Delight Canned Luscious Beef and Veggy

Daily Delight Canned Luscious Beef and Veggy

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This recipe uses quality cuts of fresh beef, which is premium in taste and nutrition.
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Daily Delight Luscious Beef and Veggy
180g, 700g

Daily Delight is a holistic blend of natural ingredients specially formulated for your dog.

Lovingly cooked with quality cuts of meat, fresh, crunchy and vitamin-rich vegetables. 

It's undoubtedly a favourite among dogs of all sizes and breeds. 

A balanced diet in a can 

• Made with real beef, a great source of energy for active dogs

• A balanced diet that combines the protein of beef with the vitamins and minerals of vegetables 

• Contains high quality beef and fresh, vitamin-rich vegetables 

A match made in dog heaven. 

That rich, authentic beefy taste, with the goodness of vitamins and minerals from fresh vegetables. It’s a meal that’s just good all over.

Fresh Beef, Carrots, Broccoli, Peas, Xylo-Oligosaccharide, Essential Vitamins and Minerals

An enrich and well-balanced nutrition is indispensable to keep your dog fit. 

Well refined selection from blend of quality chicken, nutrition, vitamins and minerals. 

Daily Delight® is a delicious and nutritious pet food in one meal for the overall nutrition of your pet dog

Nutritional Analysis: 
Crude Protein > 7.5%, Crude Fat > 5%, Crude Fibre > 3.0%, Salt <0.4%, Moisture < 84%

Feeding Instructions:

Serve at room temperature. 

Cover and refrigerate the unused portion. 

The amount of food your dog requires depends on age, activity level, breed and environment. 

Shake well before use. Keep fresh water available at all times.

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