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Daily Delight Canned Luscious Beef
Daily Delight Canned Luscious Beef

Daily Delight Canned Luscious Beef

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This recipe uses quality cuts of fresh beef, which is premium in taste and nutrition.
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Daily Delight Luscious Beef
180g, 700g

Daily Delight is a holistic blend of natural ingredients specially formulated for your dog.

Lovingly cooked with quality cuts of meat, fresh, crunchy and vitamin-rich vegetables.

It's undoubtedly a favourite among dogs of all sizes and breeds. 

Energy in a Can 

• Energy-filled meal, bursting with protein from real beef 

• A complete meal containing all your dogs’ nutritional needs 

• Made from only the freshest highest quality beef meat 

Give your dogs a feast with the luscious taste of chunky, flavourful beef and have them wagging their tails in delight! 

Fresh Beef, Vegetable Gum, Xylo-Oliogosaccharide, Essential Vitamins and Minerals.

An enrich and well-balanced nutrition is indispensable to keep your dog fit. 

Well-refined selection from blend of quality chicken, nutrition, vitamins and minerals. 

Daily Delight® is a delicious and nutritious pet food in one meal for the overall nutrition of your pet dog. 

Nutritional Analysis: 
Crude Protein > 8.5% , Crude Fat > 5%, Crude Fibre > 2.0%, Salt <0.4%, Moisture <83%

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