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Direa Tablets 50tabs
Direa Tablets

Direa Tablets 50tabs

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Direa Tablets can be used in the management of diarrhoea caused by disorders of osmosis, secretion, infectious agents, food poisoning, dietary changes & bacteria overgrowth.

Direa Tablets - How do they Work?

Direa tablets contain a complexing or bulking agent called crospovidone that absorbs toxins and water from the gut to form a protective gel, thus slowing and reducing the severity of the diarrhoea.

Crospovidone is not absorbed through the gut wall and is chemically and biologically inert.

Each tablets contains 1000mg of Crospovidone.

Dogs 1 tablet per 10-20 kg, cats ¼ tablet per 2.5-5kg bodyweight.

Critical comments: A twice-daily administration of the tablets for 2-4 days is recommended or until symptoms disappear. Ensure the pet has adequate fluids.

Veterinary advice should be sought for pets that exhibit signs of illness other than diarrhoea, including blood stained faeces, or if diarrhoea persists after 3 days treatment with this product.

Store below 30oC (Room temperature).

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