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Dog Diggin Designs Dogverse Shoe Toy
Dog Diggin Designs Dogverse Shoe Toy

Dog Diggin Designs Dogverse Shoe Toy

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Muzzle Friendly. Don’t let the clever details fool you. Super soft plush exterior with squeaky toy.
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      • Size: approx 12.5cm x 9cm

        Attention, only for cool dogs! This shoe has long been a mega cult. The "Dogverse" sneaker of the Trendmarke Dog Diggin Designs is the ultimate toy for dogs with character. 

        Made from velvety plush and softly lined with polyester, "Dogverse" sneaker invites the dog to play and cuddle and is also the dog holder really comfortable in the hand. The shoe itself is in black short pile plush, sole and shoe tip in white short pile plush. The many original details make it unmistakable: the typical shoelaces and seams are embroidered in white. An eye-catcher is the white "Dogverse" logo with embroidered red letters and black paw.

        Thanks to its elongated shape, the "Dogverse" sneaker is ideally suited for retrieving games because it is comfortable for the dog in the mouth. Of course, also throwing or search games with the Plüschi can be undertaken - the "Dogverse" sneaker proves to be very versatile. The integrated squeak makes the game particularly attractive, because dogs love to bite around the toy again and again, until the squeal is heard. The high-quality workmanship of the toy also keeps shaking or pulling out easily - but it is not designed for powerful rattling games. 

        With its medium size, the "Dogverse" sneaker for dogs of almost all races is a great fun, only for small dogs or large breeds we would recommend the toy only conditionally.

        The "Dogverse" sneaker - for those who value individual lifestyle and love their dog with all corners and edges.

        Behavioral studies have shown that object play is one of the most popular game variants in dogs. Dogs love to carry an item in their mouths to impress their packets and encourage them to play. The "Dogverse" sneaker is ideal for object games as it is soft and comfortable in the catch. 

        The "Dogverse" sneaker with its original look often attracts attention. The dog also benefits from this because toys, which are interesting for its people, are all the more exciting and valuable to the dog.

        Even if our dogs are no longer active hunters, large parts of their playing behavior are still based on hunting. That is why squeaks are so popular with dogs. A squeaker imitates a beutier on the run and irritates the dog with the catch, shaking and flinging. In this way, the dog is always motivated to play again - and dog toys with integrated squeaker, such as the "Dogverse" sneaker, never get bored.

        • The "Dogverse" sneaker is ideal for retrieving, throwing and searching games and, of course, for cuddling. Thanks to its excellent workmanship, it also prevents a powerful shaking. However, it is not suitable for enduring warping games. 
        • If several dogs are in the household, everyone should get their own Dog Diggin Designs trend toys. In this way, the popular toy is prefabricated. The "Dogverse" sneaker is only conditionally suitable for the game of several dogs. We recommend the more robust touring toys, such as the pentapalls, for overt raffles between several dogs.
        • The "Dogverse" sneaker is stable and carefully processed. Nevertheless, due to the fine material, it is not an outspoken outdoor toy. 
        • Due to its size, the "Dogverse" sneaker is ideal for small, medium and large dogs. 
        • Due to its integrated squeaker, the "Dogverse" sneaker is not machine washable.
        • Even if the Dog Diggin Designs dog toys meet a high safety standard, the dog should not be left unattended during long periods of play.

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