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EzyDog Cujo Leash 72
EzyDog Cujo Leash 72'

EzyDog Cujo Leash 72"

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Dog leash collars
Part Number: EZYCUJO70
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Available in Blue, Red, Chocolate, Green Camo, Pink Camo.

The Original Shock Absorbing Dog Leash!

Comfortable, secure, short shock absorbing dog leash design lets your dog run, tug, and pull away to their heart's delight while keeping you on your feet.

Cujo 40 inch dog leashes are built with:
12 inches of shock absorbing stretch 
A slightly-less tight and longer stretch great for for those smaller dogs

Shock absorbing design allows movement without hurting you or your dog
Comfortable handle gives you optimal control
Available extensions and multi dog couplers

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