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FroliCat Sway Toy

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Magnetic cat toy with ball and feather for your cat to play!
Part Number: FRO0003
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FroliCat™ SWAY™ magnetically suspends a toy from a variety of flat surfaces. Simply twist bottom and top half to open, then attach to opposite sides of a table or shelf. Slide the magnet to encourage your cat to bat & swing!


Product Features

  • Magnet Set allows top and bottom parts to attach to opposite sides of a variety of surfaces
  • Teaser Toy with ball, feather and bell attract your cat’s attention
  • Magnet Set Handle lets you slide the magnet to orchestrate your own interactive play session

How It Works

  • Open– Twist to slide open bottom and top magnets
  • Reconnect– Attach top and bottom magnets on opposite sides of a flat surface
  • Swing– Shake the ball and feather to watch your cat play
  • Slide– Move the magnets across surface to orchestrate your own interactive play session
  • Experiment– Try SWAY on your desk, coffee table, book shelf and more...
  • Engage your cat in a fun, interactive play!

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