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FroliCat Twitch Toy
FroliCat Twitch Toy

FroliCat Twitch Toy

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Toy that automatically bounces and swings a teaser toy to entice your cat!
Part Number: FRO0004
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FROLICAT™ TWITCH™ automatically bounces and swings an enticing teaser toy. Press the power button to launch a single play session, or press and hold to activate multiple sessions throughout the day. Now your cat can play while you are away™

Product Features

  • Suction Cup allows attachment of TWITCH to any smooth surface
  • Electronic Beep signals to your cat that a play session is about to begin
  • Bouncing Teaser Toy with ball, feather and bell entices your cat to bat and swing
  • Single Play Mode launches a one-time 10-minute play session
  • Play While You Are Away™ Mode pre-schedules multiple play sessions throughout the day


How It Works

  • Press power button for single play session. TWITCH will automatically swing teaser toy for 10-minutes.
  • Press and hold power button to activate Play While You Are Away™ mode. TWITCH will automatically turn on for multiple 10-minute play sessions throughout the day.
  • TWITCH will beep to notify your cat that a new play session is about to start.
  • While TWITCH is on, press power button again to turn TWITCH off and reset pre-scheduled play sessions to zero.
  • Engage your cat in fun, interactive play!

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