1. Full Petential Purr - Fish
Full Petential Purr - Fish
Full Petential Purr - Fish

Full Petential Purr - Fish

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Full Petential's new product Purr Fish Indoor Formula addresses a problem all cat owners can relate to, litter box odor!
These treats are fish shaped soft moist treats that have a highly palatable seafood flavor cats cannot resist.

The proprietary blend of ingredients, packs a one-two punch that helps reduce litter box odors. The probiotics and prebiotics in Purr Fish Indoor Formula help support the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. These beneficial bacteria through their normal metabolism help reduce sulfur and nitrogen containing compounds that contribute to litter box odor. The botanical ingredients and Purr Fish Indoor Formula bind to ammonia and other odorous compounds in the feces. This process reduces the potency of these odorous compounds. This formula is particularly suited for indoor cats or for multi-cat families.

Every cat owner knows that their cat prefers to use the litter box when it is fresh or less odorous. By decreasing the litter box odor with Purr Fish Indoor Formula, you can increase the attractiveness of the litter box to cats. This can have a positive effect on the feline litter box behavior and help reduce undesirable eliminations

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