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Green Kat Cat litter
Green Kat Cat litter

Green Kat Cat litter

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Cat Litter
Part Number: 9554100196268/251/244
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• 100% NATURAL Litter
• 100% eco-friendly
• 100% recyclable & biodegradable
• Super absorbent for better odor control
• NO chemicals or additives
• NO dust
• NO tracking - to keep your place clean
• Lightweight - easy to carry
Suitable for small animal beddings
( Available in 3L packs)
• 3 Sizes : 24L, 6L and trial pack 3L

• For best results, pour litter 2 to 4cm deep
into the tray, remove solid waste every day. 

Top-up if needed with fresh
pellets, and completely replace at least
once a week.

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