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Halo Holistic Care Shampoo 3.8L

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“Clean, refresh and restore your pet’s skin naturally with HALO® Sensitive Skin Dog Shampoo!” Why your pet wants it HALO® Shampoo for sensitive skin is a pH-balanced, coupled with plant-derived enzymes, chamomile extract, minerals and vitamins that is specially formulated for dog’s delicate skin conditions. It is gentle while providing nourishment and comfort to your dog’s skin, thus bringing back the natural, healthy balance between its skin and coat. -Soothing & Calming effects on Sensitive Skin -Instantly Hydrates & Smooths Skin -Strengthen & Nourish Fur from the Inside
Part Number: HA0316
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 “Beautiful and healthy-looking coats begin with HALO® Shampoo!” 

This HALO® Holistic Care Shampoo is for all your pet needs for soft, healthy, shiny and fresh-scented fur in one irresistible formula.

It is infused with plant-derived enzymes that cleanse your pet’s skin and coat effectively without remove the fur’s natural protective oil. 

This HALO® Holistic Care Shampoo provides deep yet gentle cleansing by removing all grime and dirt and its odor-removing elements ensure that your pet stays fresh and clean, giving you a healthier and happier pooch.

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