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Halo Odorgone for CAT 1.9L

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HALO® Dog Shampoo
Part Number: HA0172
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HALO® Odorgone for Cat

• Anti-bacterial Effect 
• Deodorizing and Freshening Effect 
• 100% Bio-degradable 

“The first step to fresher and cleaner air is to eliminate the breeding grounds of germs that cause foul odors.” 

Odorgone® effectively disinfects and eliminates obnoxious odors by inhibiting bacterial growth and neutralizing stench within minutes. 

Odorgone® for cats is an eco-friendly product that uses a unique blend of natural enzymes coupled with full goodness of pure essential oils that effectively eliminates odor and disinfects the environment by inhibiting growth of bacteria organically. 

With all-natural enzymes as the main ingredients, it is safe for use in your home for you and your pets.

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