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Haobay Cat Tree 13250
Haobay Cat Tree 13250

Haobay Cat Tree 13250

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cat pole
Part Number: CT 13250
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13250 – (36 x 36 x 44)cm 

Tired of your cats roaming around relentlessly in your living room? This cat tree will be an amusing feature.

 It features a scratch pole and four dangling mouse, guranteed to keep your kitties occupied. 

This is upholstered in baby blue faux-fur and cleans easily with a vacuum or damp cloth.

Details / Features:

• Stylish faux-fur

• Eco-friendly Sisal rope – a natural coarse strong and fibre obtained from 

Agave Sisalana (a native plant of Mexico)

• Durable flakeboard and flannel

• Easy to assemble (with step by step instructions and tools)

• Environment friendly

• Formaldehyde-free

• ISO certified

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