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Haobay cat scratching pole 13034

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cat pole
Part Number: HB13034
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13034 – (40 x 40 x 114)cm

This beautiful, tall and aerodynamic cat tree is ideal for those with space constraints at home but do not want to compromise on your cat’s recreational time. 

It is equipped with different levels of platform for lounging, scratching, and playing – the perfect place for your indoor cat to get its daily exercise! 

This cat tree is upholstered in versatile ivory tone that goes well with any interior decor. 

Unquestionably the best-selling model yet!

Details / Features:

• Stylish faux-fur

• Eco-friendly Sisal rope – a natural coarse strong and fibre obtained from 

Agave Sisalana (a native plant of Mexico)

• Durable flakeboard and flannel

• Easy to assemble (with step by step instructions and tools)

• Environment friendly

• Formaldehyde-free

• ISO certified

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