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Haobay cat scratching pole 13080

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cat pole
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13080 – (75 x 50 x 90)cm 

This cat tree is the perfect playgound for any indoor cat. 

There is ample room to accomodate multiple cats for play and relaxation. It is upholstered in cool neutral tones of faux-fur. 

It consists of a hideout, a broad mid-platform for sprawling, and an elevated perche.

Details / Features:

• Stylish faux-fur

• Eco-friendly Sisal rope – a natural coarse strong and fibre obtained from 

Agave Sisalana (a native plant of Mexico)

• Durable flakeboard and flannel

• Easy to assemble (with step by step instructions and tools)

• Environment friendly

• Formaldehyde-free

• ISO certified

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