Hill's Science Diet: A Healthy Meal for Dogs and Cats


At Doggy Friend, our mission is to bring you a full range of products to support your pet's well-being and health. We are pleased to offer Hill's Science Diet, a pet food with a solid reputation for providing dogs and cats with great nutrition and support for various health conditions. This highly-recommended pet food can be found in veterinarians' offices everywhere and of course, right here at Doggy Friend.

Science Diet began in the United States in 1960 when Dr. Mark L. Morris Jr. Ph.D. DVM needed to create a specialized food for a dog with kidney disease. The dog in question was Buddy, a famous German Shepherd that was the first seeing-eye dog.

Eventually, Dr. Morris started developing other specialized dog foods for different health conditions, as well as more generalized foods to provide complete nutrition to all canine life stages. Today, Hill's Science Diet comes in a wide variety of formulas to provide dogs and cats of all ages and dietary needs with well-rounded meals.


The Importance of Nutrition for Different Life Stages

Puppies need food with a different nutritional profile than adult dogs, and senior dogs also have unique dietary requirements. Combine a dog's age with the size of the breed, and you have another variable that affects their ideal nutrition. Science Diet is able to meet all these needs, providing both wet and dry food for all life stages and all breeds.

Cats are the same way, requiring different nutrition throughout their lives from kitten to adult to senior. Plus, indoor cats and outdoor cats have slightly different dietary needs, and Science Diet provides for all of them.


Nutritional Aid for Health Conditions

Diet has a large effect on the overall health of dogs and cats, just as our diet affects us. Science Diet produces several types of food to help your furry friend with the issues that might be bothering them, such as oral problems and skin conditions. Dogs with problems chewing can enjoy Small Bites food, and cats with frequent hairballs benefit from Hairball Control, for example.

Other condition-specific foods include Feline Adult Sensitive Stomach, Adult Sensitive Skin for dogs, and weight control for both species. With Science Diet, you'll always be able to find the right food for your dog or cat, so you can both enjoy a happier, healthier, and longer life together!