The Correct Way To Wash Dog Ears

Having a pet dog could be a lot of fun however it sometimes consists of responsibilities that are less than glamorous. One of these consists of washing the dog's ears regularly. Even though it isn't really one of the most satisfying activity for the dog or the owner, it should be accomplished for a healthy and happy pet.

To make ear cleaning a more pleasant activity for all involved, it's a good idea for the owner to take care of their dog's ears regularly. If the dog can be used to having its ears touched, it'll be far less likely to act out during cleaning time.

It's also important to check about once a week for bacterial infections or parasites in the ears. A healthy ear will likely be a fleshy and pink in color and can show no signs of build up or discharge. If the ear seems inflamed, comes with an unpleasant odor or is sensitive to the touch, it might have an infection and should be viewed by a veterinarian immediately.

In regards time and energy to wash the dog's ears, it'll be essential to use a washing solution. There are several ear cleaners offered by pet stores and it's possible to make a homemade substitute. Work with a generous quantity of cleaner in each ear and massage it for 30 seconds before letting the dog shake it out. It's then smart to wash any excess cleaner away with a cotton ball, on the other hand, a regular q-tip shouldn't be used because it can harm the dog's eardrum. However, you can use larger q-tips for babies to clean dirt off the outer ear.

Making a solution for cleaning a dog's ears is simple to do and uses items that can probably be present in any kitchen and medicine cabinet. One particular way is to merge one part vinegar with one part rubbing alcohol. Another method is using four ounces of rubbing alcohol, one tablespoon of boric acid and one tablespoon of glycerin. With both recipes, it should be well shaken and poured into a spray bottle to be used.