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KitCat Organic BambooClump (Long Hair)

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Cat Litter
Part Number: KC-722 /KC-746
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"Greenest Cat Litter of the Pet Industry" 

- Instant Clumping , Biodegradable , Flushable , Organic & Eco Friendly , what's more can you ask for in a cat litter?

Benefits of Kit Cat Organic BambooClump
• Kit Cat Organic BambooClump Cat Litter is an environmental and earth-friendly cat litter made from naturally 100% organically grown bamboo with naturally grass scent
• Organic Bamboo fibre absorbs moisture up to 3 times than traditional clay litters and clumps instantly upon contacting fluid
• With the ability to clump instantly, this product protects their box against ammonia,urine odour.
• Highly recommended by vet,Our Kit Cat Organic BambooClump is naturally soft in texture that is gentle on cat's paws.
• Boosted with organic and antibacterial properties, it benefits cats that have sensitive skin.
• Its naturally lightweight for easy sifting and reduce tracking. It also prevent sticking to the base of cat litter pan
• Produced with all organic ingredients with no chemical additives and dyes, Kit Cat Organic BambooClump is extremely safe for cats,kittens and all small animals.

Ingredients: Organic Bamboo

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