Le Salon Dog Shampoo - Dark Lites
Le Salon Dog Shampoo - Dark Lites

Le Salon Dog Shampoo - Dark Lites

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Inspired by nature's perfection, Le Salon grooming products are formulated with natural ingredients to help nourish, revive and restore your pet's coat. Le Salon uses natural cleansers and emollients that are creamy, sulfate-free, and low-foam that rinse clean with no residue.

Surfactants (detergents) are the main cleaning ingredients in shampoos and conditioners, without them these products wouldn't work nearly as well. While all shampoos and conditioners contain surfactants, not all surfactants are sulfate-free. There are various grades of surfactants, ranging from harsh to mild. Harsh surfactants, containing sulfates, can strip the fur of its natural oils. Le Salon uses a mild, sulfate-free surfactant that gently cleans the animal's coat without causing damage.

  • Black Walnut and Henna have been used for centuries as natural dyes.
  • Dark Lites, with black walnut leaf extract and henna, help to naturally accentuate the highlights in dark coats without the use of any artifical colourants.
  • 250 mL (8.45fl oz)
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