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Lechat Canned Cat Food
Lechat Canned Premium Tuna with kanikama

Lechat Canned Cat Food

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LeChat Premium canned cat food consists of delicious chunks of tuna meat and toppings like chicken, kanikama (crabmeat), salmon and shirasu (whitebait) in jelly. They are steam-cooked, resulting in a soft texture and enticing aroma. LeChat canned cat food is gluten-free and made without preservatives and colouring.
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RRP $2.15/can
24 cans / 1ctn at $49

It's a line totally dedicated to the natural feeding, only natural ingredients highly selected, very high quality, complementary food for cats with delicious tuna, product of Italy, with all the typical features of the high quality products: high palatability from freshness and good quality ingredients, with high nutritional content, rich in Omega 3, rich in proteins, with low fat content. These products are totally natural, in jelly, without preservatives and colorants, gluten free. 

Good for helping the cat to keep smart healthy shape, energetic, fresh all the time.

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