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Living World Rabbit Food

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Small Animal Food and Treats
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This price-friendly Bonus Pack provides a win-win advantage for both your wallet and your pet rabbit.
The Bonus Pack contains 6 kg of Living World Rabbit Food for the price of 5 kg, providing excellent value for your dollar.
In addition, your rabbit will enjoy all the health benefits of Living World Rabbit Food, which contains tasty, healthy ingredients that your furry friend will love.
Living World Rabbit Food contains wholesome, high quality ingredients that provide all essential nutrients-including natural protein and fiber from whole grains and legumes-to help meet the special daily requirements of your pet rabbit.
The pelletized food is also enriched with vitamins and minerals. The food is packaged in air barrier bags to help preserve optimal vitamin potency and pellet freshness.
To maintain a balanced diet, your pet rabbit should have access to fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, and, occasionally, treats.
Dietary variety will help ensure the best nutrition possible. Living World Rabbit Food is suitable for rabbits and dwarf rabbits.
Key Features:
Living World Rabbit Food Bonus Pack contains 6 kg for the price of 5 kg
Excellent value for your dollar Rabbit food provides tasty blend of wholesome high quality ingredients
Contains essential nutrients to help meet the special nutritional needs of your pet rabbit Ideal for satisfying your rabbit's daily requirements for a long, healthy life
Bite-sized pellets contain natural protein, fiber and nutrients from whole grains and legumes
Enriched with vitamins and minerals
Packaged in air barrier bags to help preserve optimal vitamin potency and pellet freshness
Suitable for rabbits and dwarf rabbits
Net weight: 6 kg (13 lb)
Includes: 2 x 3 kg packs
Eco-friendly outer pack with convenient carrying handle

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