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Love'em Beef Liver Dog Treats
Love'em Beef Liver Dog Treats

Love'em Beef Liver Dog Treats

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Dogs Love'em Beef Liver Dog Treats which makes these treats perfect for training and rewarding your best friend. Made from one ingredient only – 100% Aussie beef with no artificial flavours or preservatives. These are the most palatable, healthy and nutritious treats available.
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Developed, recommended and guaranteed by Dr Marie 

Uses only human grade 100% Australian grown, beef, pork and chicken liver
Highly nutritious
The most palatable dog treats available
No artificial fillers, flavouring or preservative
Enthusiastic acceptance by all dogs
Use as a healthy treat or training aid
Zip-lock resealable packs
Beef & Pork also available in 250g family packs
Australia’s fastest growing pet treat brand
High visibility packaging for on shelf presence
High oxygen/moisture barrier for long shelf life

Ingredients: 100% Australian grown beef

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