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Love'em Pork Liver Dog Treats

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Dogs Love'em Pork Liver Dog Treats which makes these 100% natural love’em pork liver treats a great way to treat and reward your 4 legged friends. Made using the very best quality Aussie grown liver these pork liver treats contain no additives or preservatives so you can be absolutely sure you’re treating your dogs in the healthiest way possible.
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100g RRP $10.30
250g RRP $22.50

Developed, recommended and guaranteed by Dr Marie 
Uses only human grade 
100% Australian grown pork liver
Highly nutritious
The most palatable dog treats available
No artificial fillers, flavouring or preservative
Enthusiastic acceptance by all dogs
Use as a healthy treat or training aid
Zip-lock resealable packs
Beef & Pork also available in 250g family packs
Australia’s fastest growing pet treat brand
High visibility packaging for on shelf presence
High oxygen/moisture barrier for long shelf life

Ingredients: human grade 100% Australian grown pork liver

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