1. M & C Digestive Aid
M & C Digestive Aid
M & C Digestive Aid

M & C Digestive Aid

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A nutritional, tasty cereal snack, with a creamy tasty filling which provides a high fibre source which aids digestion and reduces excessive wind.

*Neutralising Ingredients To Ease Discomforts
*With Flaxseed Oil
*Contains Peppermint & Ginger Extracts
*Tasty Nutritious Treats That Your Dog Will Adore

How do Digestive Aid Treats work?
These tasty, easy to administer treats contain active ingredients to aid in the elimination of discomforts which occur when your dog does not digest their food properly.
When this problem occurs, the results can be very uncomfortable and can include bloating and excessive gas.
M & C Digestive Aid Treats are designed to ease the digestion of food through the digestive tract and are particularly beneficial to older animals with a slower metabolism and those dogs that are prone to sensitive stomachs.

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