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M & C Fit-Nip

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A nutritional, tasty cereal snack, with a creamy tasty filling containing active ingredients to help stimulate older and inactive cat & kittens to exercise and play.

*A Complementary Food For Cats & Kittens
*Helps To Stimulate Inactive Or Bored Pets
*Highly Nutritious
*Tasty Treats That Your Pet Will Go Crazy For

How do Fit-Nip Treats work?
These tasty, easy to administer treats contain catnip, which can encourage your cat or kitten to play and exercise.
Older cats or those prone to weight gain may particularly benefit.
In addition, M&C Fit-Nip Treat-UMs are highly nutritious as they contain important nutrients, which promote a healthy diet.
Flaxseed oil is a rich vegetable source of Omega 3 fatty acids and helps maintain a healthy skin and glowing coat.
M&C Fit-Nip Treats also contain Taurine and Biotin, recognised essential constituents of a healthy diet.

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