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Marukan Cooling Bed
Marukan Cooling Bed

Marukan Cooling Bed

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Dog & cart bed
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A MUST-HAVE bed for your furry friends on our eternally summer island! Doesn’t your heart ache when you see your furry friend lying on the floor, restless & lifeless due to the heat? 

Even with a cooling pad around, your pets aren’t guaranteed to stay fresh as the pads don’t stay cool 24/7.  

The Marukan Cooling Bed is made with a cool feeling fabric that helps to disperse heat and to refresh your furry friends to help keep them as the cheerful bundles of fur that you know.


(Outside) 55% Polyester Fiber, 30% Cotton, 15% Rayon
(Inside) 75% Nylon, 25% Polyester Fiber

Care Instructions: Wash by hand

  • Small: 45x40x12cm
  • Medium: 57x52x12cm

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