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Marukan Pet Trolley Cart
Marukan Pet Trolley Cart

Marukan Pet Trolley Cart

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Pet Trolley
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Product Dimensions: W530 × D800 × H1050 (fully unfolded)

Marukan Pet Trolley Cart gives you the comfort of bringing your pet outdoors. 

The Pet Trolley Cart is safe and comfortable for your pet to use. 

It comes with a window mesh and top panel opening. 

It also has a rear pocket and a wide double storage pocket at the front for you to store your dog's essential items. 

The Pet Trolley Cart has a real wheel that comes with safety lock. 

The built-in suspension provides comfort for your pet even on shaky and uneven roads. 

In addition, you can also adjust the handle level to your convenience. 

The Marukan Pet Trolley Cart comes in three colours - Black, Brown and Red. 

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