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Mood Shampoos

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  • LUST: Best For Medium & Long Coat
    (Use With Conditioner For Best Result)
    Medium or long coats of luxurious, soft hair require a special luxe treatment. Keep your dog looking pampered and fetching with this sexy solution. If your dog’s coat is dull or cracked, that’s a sure sign she doesn’t feel well-heeled. But if you’ve put her in the MOOD, you’ll make her the Cover Girl of the canine world. She’ll feel great and be sure to catch the eye of other dogs and owners.

  • ITCHY: Therapeutic Itch Relief Using Neem Oil & Tea Tree Oil
    Your dog's MOOD can't shine if her scalp is itching. So we formulated ITCHY with therapeutic dosage level of neem oil and tea tree oil to give her relief and let her beauty shine through. Even if her coat is clean and beautiful, an itchy scalp will keep her from feeling uncomfortable and that will show in her overall MOOD. Keep her happy and beautiful with ITCHY formula from MOOD.

  • HAPPY: For All Dogs / General Use
    (Use With Conditioner For Longer Coats)
    Dogs bring us boundless joy. But you're not happy when your dog isn't happy. To give you both a spring in your step, we formulated HAPPY for general use. HAPPY is for everyday care for the skin and coat. It's the every dog shampoo for the HAPPY owner. HAPPY dog, HAPPY owner, HAPPY MOOD!

  • PLAY: Best For Short Coat
    Your dog is your companion and playmate so you need a shampoo that can keep up with you. PLAY is for dogs who keep their hair short and hassle-free. It’s for owners who want wash-and-go convenience to match their ‘active’ lifestyles. PLAY is a MOOD for dogs with short coats who need a product that can ‘perform’ as well as they do.

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