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My Fluffy JEJU Orange Brothers
My Fluffy JEJU Orange Brothers

My Fluffy JEJU Orange Brothers

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Fun, interactive dog toys. These tiny Jeju oranges will sure pack a punch of fun for your doggy!
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Introducing.... the... JEJU Orange Brothers!

These cute small-sized Jeju oranges are just great for that petite small mouth of your pooch!

Comes in a pack of 3 (so the brothers won't feel lonely) for those endless hours of fun!

Comes in either squeaker or nosework!

The nosework has a long-lined tissue to add to the difficulty level of the nosework while you hide the treats! 

Orange Size: 6 cm x 4.5cm each

Jeju Orange Brothers are petite oranges and need tender loving care during play. They are not suitable for aggressive chewers or rough play. They will get badly hurt!

Comes in 2 sets:
Set A: (2 Squeaker + 1 Nosework) (SOLD OUT)
Set B: (1 Squeaker + 2Nosework)

**Tissue Lining in the orange is tied for all the new toys. Please use a scissor to cut the slit carefully before play.
**Tissue lining is cut by laser, thus some brownish marking at the edge may be seen.
This is normal & is not hazardous nor affects the performance of the toy in any way. 

Benefits of Nosework toys:
  1.   It will improve your dog’s IQ
  2.  They provide much-needed exercise. 
  3. They alleviate boredom. 
  4. They help prevent anxiety. 
  5. They help with weight management. 
  6. They keep puppies out of trouble. 
  7. They help prevent dementia in older pets. 
  8. They’re fun!

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