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My Fluffy Seashell
My Fluffy Seashell

My Fluffy Seashell

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Seahell with pearl, Fun, interactive dog toys for the bored little furkid.
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Now, repeat after me:

Our Seashells comes with a cute little pearl too!

Both the seashell and pearls have their own squeaker!

You can put a treat (or 2!) into the shell & use the pearl to block the entrance so that it is harder for the doggy to get the treat out.

Seashell Size: 12 cm (wide) x 11 cm (height)
Pearl Size: 6cm x 4.5cm

Benefits of Nosework toys:
  1.   It will improve your dog’s IQ
  2.  They provide much-needed exercise. 
  3. They alleviate boredom. 
  4. They help prevent anxiety. 
  5. They help with weight management. 
  6. They keep puppies out of trouble. 
  7. They help prevent dementia in older pets. 
  8. They’re fun!

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