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Nerf Dog Tennis Glow Ball Toy
Nerf Dog Tennis Glow Ball Toy

Nerf Dog Tennis Glow Ball Toy

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Nerf Dog Tennis Glow Ball Dog Toy is made to fit perfectly in the Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster.
Part Number: N3073
Availability: In Stock
6.5cm in Diameter/Glow

Part chew toy and part interactive retrieval toy, the Nerf Dog Glow Tennis Ball will have your dog running and jumping in no time. You can use them to load up your Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster Dog Toy or keep them around as durable fetch toys. This two-pack gives you double the fun so you can throw them for several pack members at once. Each ball is lightweight so it can soar through the air or float in the water. The enticing ridges allow pups of all sizes to hold the ball in their mouth easily with a unique texture to sink their teeth into.
Key Benefits

Glow in the dark
Optimized design and functions
Natural rubber material which improves durability and performance
Safe and high quality toy
Size : 6.5cm in Diameter

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